At Morven House breakfast is served between 07:00 and 09:30 and is a casual affair.  As our breakfasts are cooked to order, all we ask is that you give us an indication of when you would like your breakfast, so that we may plan our service to ensure you get a freshly cooked breakfast of your choice and others do not have to wait too long for theirs.  We don’t work to a menu, where we can we will cook exactly what you want.  It is a good idea to let us know the night before, particularly if you fancy our signature breakfast of Arbroath Smokie and Poached Eggs.  In our opinion the Smokie does not freeze well, it also loses something when it is vacuum packed and so it is only fresh Smokies on the menu, even if that means an 06:00 drive to Arbroath to pick them up.